When you really stop to think about it, you’ve seen a ton of banners in your favorite restaurants, in your favorite stores, and even walking down the street and guess what? You’ve looked at them, read them, and probably subconsciously remembered them later when really need to get your car washed, or your haircut or anything else! Banners are a great way to advertise because people notice them and take notice in them. So let’s see why you should be using them to advertise your business.

Advertising banners can be hung up almost anywhere and even at eye-catching level. Adding your logo, bright colors, and slogan gets your future consumers to look a little closer and read what you’re all about. Adding an interactive component too drives more attention such as “Take a photo with us for a chance to win!” Use a catchy hash tag (#) for people to use with the photo and now your banner design has done all the work for you.

Why You Should Be Advertising Your Business on Banners  - 2minds design and sign - blog image 4
Banners are also typically made using vinyl, having a vinyl banner is perfect for the outdoors because they can withstand all weather conditions and will stay looking great. If your business takes part in outdoor events such as food festivals, carnivals, beer festivals or more, using a great vinyl banner let’s people remember who you were when they came to check out your booth. Plus, using a great banner design creates your brand and the customers will keep coming back for more!

Once you’ve created your beautiful vinyl banner now it’s all about location, location, location! Your business needs the right customers, so be sure you’re reaching your demographic. If you’re a car washing service your customers are local people so place banners in local restaurants, office waiting rooms (if allowed) and work with other local business to partner with them and have their banner in your waiting lounge and your advertising banner in theirs. Being a part of the local community is a great sign that you’re a well-liked growing business. Seeing your banner design all over town reminds your future customers that they need to wash their car and they just the company in town.

Now that you know why you should be advertising your business on a vinyl banner, go out and get one!