Our world revolves around commerce and marketing. For any business, the market is extremely competitive. As Charles Darwin’s stated his theory of “survival of the fittest”, it reigns true today in any business. A business has to have a strong message, brand, and marketing strategy in order to survive on top. One of the biggest ways to get your company out there is by having a strong logo design. Big companies such as Starbucks, McDonald’s, Target, or Tommy Hilfiger (just to name a few), are recognized by a strong logo. A logo is the fastest way to be recognized by customers and potential new clients. Here are important ways to make your custom logo design more attractive and help bring awareness to your business.

Know Your Demographic

Who are you targeting your company towards? When designing your custom logo and creating your branding of your company, you must first understand your demographic. Research who buys or has shown interest in your company, and make sure your logo is tailored to their interests. For example, you don’t want to design your logo in masculine colors if your company is directed towards females.

Ways to Make Your Custom Logo Design More Attractive

Research Your Competitors

By competitive shopping your competitors’ branding, you can get an understanding of who they are trying to market to. If they are your direct competitors, most likely they will be marketing to the same demographic. Learn what that company has done, get inspired, and figure out how to separate your logo design and set your company apart.

Use Three Colors Or Less.

Think of your favorite logos from bigger companies. Most companies keep it simple and use three colors or less. The most attractive logos are simple but stand out. They should be recognizable and easy to see. In addition, more colors can increase printing costs, which can ultimately increase your marketing budget. Keep it simple and you won’t be sorry!

Take Constructive Criticism.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your logo! As you did research with your demographic, don’t be afraid to test it out on a test group for true feedback. Custom logo designs can be tweaked. Although you ultimately want to rely on your own research and gut instinct, feedback by those that know you best (family & friends) can send you in the right direction.