Vinyl lettering is one of the best marketing tools to display contact information, store hours, huge sales, or your company logo. It’s also great for arts and crafts or decorating your house or vehicle. Made from a durable vinyl material, they are available in a large variety of colors, fonts, and designs and are easy to apply to any smooth surface. So now that you know what vinyl lettering is and need it for your home, vehicle or business, it’s now time to install it. Here are some easy steps on how to install your lettering from any great vinyl lettering service.

  • Step 1: Your vinyl lettering arrives in three layers: a paper backing, the desired letters, and the wax cover. Place the backing of the lettering on a clean smooth surface with the wax paper facing towards you. Secure with a small amount of masking tape on each corner. Using a squeegee, evenly rub the wax paper to secure the lettering.

Vinyl Lettering What It Is and How to Install It

  • Step 2: Using masking tape, tape down the center of the vinyl lettering to hold in place. Gently lift one side of the paper and remove the backing slowly to the center. Slowly and gently tear the backing in the center to remove. Place the wax paper with lettering exposed smoothly back on the surface and use the squeegee to release all air bubbles.
  • Step 3: Repeat step 2 on the opposite side of the vinyl lettering design. Be sure to remove all of the paper backing and to ensure the vinyl lettering sticks to the smooth surface. Gently and efficiently smooth the lettering down with the squeegee.
  • Step 4: Remove the wax paper slowly ensuring all the lettering is secure to the surface. Congratulations! The installation is now complete!

Once installation is complete remove any excess air bubbles, if necessary, using a sharp knife to puncture the bubble and release the air. Press firmly back down with your finger. Wait 4-8 days until the letters have finished curing before using a cleaning products on the surface. Your final design will be something your truly proud of, especially if using a professional vinyl lettering service to design and create your lettering.