Whether your company sells services or products, all industries have one thing in common: competition. From locally owned to large corporate companies, there is always competition for what you are selling. With smaller budgets, less geo-targeted marketing, and thus less awareness, small business owners feel the pressure of competition even more. Social media, especially in smaller towns, can only go so far. How do you make your company stand out? If you’re looking for in-house or unique marketing, we have a solution.

Although everyone is on their phone nowadays, social media for small business owners isn’t the best solution. With tighter budgets, it’s hard to find reason in spending the money for advertising that doesn’t offer results. However, as they look down at their phones, your potential clients will see eye-catching floor graphics design or colors on customized floor decals. Without even realizing the marketing, they’ll want to read the floor decals because it distracted them from what they were doing.

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Floor decals or floor stickers are a relatively low cost, budget friendly marketing option for your business. Colorful or large floor graphics design turn your own small business or a partnering company’s floor space into your own valuable marketing space. Floor decals and graphics can promote vendors, in-store specials, and direct marketing within your business. They are a visible and effective form of advertising, because they are offering specials or promotions to what you are offering in-house.

While social media or online marketing can go away, spending the money on physical advertising materials can offer its worth over and over again. From graphics to arrows pointing to a product, to deciding on color or monochromatic, floor decals have a variety of options. The decals are easy to clean, and easy to position/reposition. They’re great to put on warehouse floors, office space, or even rug surfaces.

When choosing the right floor decal for you, be sure to check the materials and how it corresponds with your floor space. Then, decide what you want to have printed. Do you want to market your business? Do you want to market a product? Do you want a “welcome” floor sticker to greet potential clients? Do your research before you purchase, and the floor decals will provide to be an asset for your business. The opportunities are endless!