When it comes to small offices, personalizing your space is key. Most people spend five days a week (and over 40 hours plus) in the same office and see the same walls. It’s important to feel comfortable in that space and make it your own! Although most company policies do not allow dramatic personal touches such as wall paint changes, many offer temporary additions. For easy options, wall décor is one of the best personal touches to add to any office; no matter the size!

Wall Graphics
Stickers are not just for children anymore. Vinyl wall graphic stickers come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Add a monochromatic graphic stripe or picture (such as a tree), to your office space. You may ask, what’s the best part about choosing these sticky home décor items? If you don’t like them, wall graphics are easy to remove and reasonably priced.

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Wall Art
Adding pops of color or artwork to any space makes that office your own. Photos that you have taken in the past, blown up or cropped at a different angle transforms your photo into art while adding a personal touch. Have fun with it, and make any wall art personalized to your own tastes.

Wall Signs
Wall Signs or posters can offer positive reinforcements or energy in any small space. From important quotes or sayings to fun graphics, signage is another personal touch to make your office your own.

If your office doesn’t have a window, use a piece of draped fabric to add a fun pop to your space. Colorful prints or patterns add a fun touch while keeping the costs low. Use the same fabric to cover a mouse pad or seat pillow for a customized look. If you really love the pattern, frame some of the fabric to make unique wall art!

No matter the size, your office can be made something you can feel relaxed in. Through wall graphics, fabric touches, wall signs, or wall art, you can personalize your office with wall décor to make it your own. Not only will you feel more at ease in a personalized setting, but also you will work more efficiently when comfortable. These changes are not only effective but relatively budget friendly.