In our digital age, social media and social platform networking reign supreme. Networking websites such as LinkedIn and Twitter are great tools to help gather company information including contact information. However, nothing truly matches the connection of meeting in person. People like to connect face to face to help be able to put a face to the resume. Despite of all of the social media inter-connectivity, business cards are still an important piece of networking. A unique or custom business card design can help you stand out in the crowd and provide a personal touch. We’ve come up with a few ways on how to improve your networking with business cards:

Improve Your Networking with a Custom Business Card Design

  • Your Network Expects Business Cards: Today, the digital age overwhelms us with constant texts, email, and social media updates. Get creative with your business card design! Your business card can show off your personality and can do the work for you. Handing out your card to potential clients or potential business partners after a meeting is not only professional but also personable.
  • Business Cards Showcase Creativity/Your Profession: A custom business card portrays more than just your contact information; it also showcases your brand. Having a cohesive brand for yourself and your company shows thought and care has gone into your business and potential clients or partners will take note in that.
  • Make Your Card “Pop” by Using a Professional Printing Service: Research local companies and graphic artists so that they may work with you on a personal level to truly capture what you are trying to represent. Your card can say many things with only so many characters; make sure it says what you want.
  • Business Cards Makes Your Brand Stick: It’s a lot easier to put a face to a name when you have something that makes that memory stick. From social media to in person meetings, we encounter a lot of faces and names on a daily basis. A unique logo, theme, font, or overall design can make your business card design stand out, while marketing your company and yourself as something unique and worth knowing.