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Construction Signs

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 Construction Signs

Construction sites require several different types of signage.

  • Some of these signs focus on the health and safety aspect. There are bright and bold signs that tell you that the area you are entering is a construction area and that you need to keep out. Other signs include ‘No Entry’, ‘Hazards’, ‘Road Machinery Ahead’, ‘Flagman Ahead’, and more.
  • Health and safety warning signs are not the only types of construction signs though. When designed correctly, signs at a construction site can be fantastic marketing tools for construction businesses and architectural firms.

Tips for Designing Effective Construction Signs

When creating and designing construction signs, there are few things that you ought to keep in mind. When people drive by construction sites, they are almost always on the lookout construction signs that either warn them about some sort of peril or tell them who the builders are.

Not putting up any construction sign is a no-no! It is a wasted opportunity. Depending on the type of sign that you have ignored, it may also present a health and safety hazard.

Too much text! Construction signs that are designed to be used as marketing tools need to be brief and highly visible. The people looking at the sign will barely get a quick glimpse because they will be reading it from a moving car. If there is too much text on your sign or if the text is too small, chances are that none of the information will get registered in the reader’s mind.

Don’t forget to put your contact information! A well-designed construction sign can only be used as a marketing tool if it has pertinent information on it. Ensure that your company’s name, contact number, and website/email information is placed on the sign.

Design it well! Color and contrast plays a large role in ensuring that a sign is visible and attractive. Our professional NC design firm knows exactly what works for construction signs. We love working with builders to create signs that reflect and promote their brand!

Print on both sides! Using a double-sided sign is a great idea because people who pass your project will be able to read your sign whether they are coming or going. If you have a one-sided sign, you will be getting only half the marketing benefit possible.

Our professional NC-based design firm is waiting to get started on your construction signs!

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Give us a call, we accept these forms of payment